Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful Mistakes

One fun aspect of painting with wax is, if you don't like what you've created, you can pull out the hairdryer and make something unexpected. One day I wanted to make an abstract tree with yellow autumn leaves. When I finished it, I didn't like it at all...
So I got my hairdryer and pushed the wax around. Normally this will make an attractive patterned background that I can use for a new subject. However, as I was pushing the wax with the hot air, an image suddenly appeared.
I could see a rose. I added touches of red at the bottom for more color. I call this one "Dried Rose" and it is my favorite because I could never duplicate this again. I still wanted my tree with yellow, so on another canvas I attempted it again...and again...and again. When I finally got the tree I wanted, it looked like this.
All the brown wax from previous trees blended with the yellow to create a leathery looking background. It doesn't look anything like the image I wanted to create, but I love these unexpected surprises. 


  1. Very cool! Doesn't it seem to be the case so often, though, that the finished product doesn't look anything like you had imagined? That happens to me, anyway, quite often!

  2. I love encaustics and the fluid feel the pictures have. It never crossed my mind that 'mistakes' could be remodelled - it seems so obvious now! Great post!